Friday, April 2, 2010

It Seems.......

It seems to be a problem for me. I love, love, love to look at others blogs, see what is happening in their lives look at their adorable children etc.... I even find myself rather upset or bothered when they have not updated for awhile. However, I can never seem to get my lazy butt in gear and update mine. A little ironic don't ya think.

So life in the Bunker home has been great since November! (Can you believe that it has been that long. Oh wait you probably can because it seems to be a problem for me!) I can not hardly believe that my baby's are getting so big!Kaysia turned 7 in January. WOW that was a fast 7 years. She is turning into a major smart A**! I will blame her dad for that! She has decided that she really enjoys tumbling, flipping and standing on her head! Anytime she walks down the stairs she does a cartwheel into the splits followed by a head stand. I think she might join the circus soon or maybe just be a cheerleader! (Wow I said it!) She likes to do these crazy pictures! Who's child is she!!!!

Keelie is getting so darn funny! She just had her tonsils out on March 30th. Kinda funny, she was sooooo very excited. Until she came out of surgery and she just looked at me and said, "this is not fun anymore MOM!" She didn't talk to me much after that. She just communicated to me through the best way she does, MEAN LOOKS!!!!

Kage is turning into quite the little man. He loves his baby sister, loves to wear his "wainglers"(something that mom does not enjoy) and wants to be a statue when he grows up. How many people think, Hey when I grow up I want to be a statue? Yap he is the only one I can think of. I can't wait to remind him of that when he is 16! He is a NERD!

Kylan is growing sooo fast. I enjoy every minute with her. She is full of smiles, the ones that just melt me!! I was telling Brett the other day I wish I could go back to my first with the knowledge that I know now. It would be fun and allot different. She is definitely the chubbiest baby I have had though. It is so cute on her though. (Wish it was cute on me! :)) She has just figured out how to climb up the stairs. Really!!! Is she suppose to figure that out at 8 1/2 months?!!!!!

Many times I feel like a stinking Hildale resident. (I hope you get it without being offended!) But it is so fun with 4!! Crazy, hectic and really,really messy but fun! I ran into an old college friend a couple of weeks ago. He could not believe that I had 4 kids! Kinda made fun of me! Jerk! lol He does not know what he is missing!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Despite the start we had another great Halloween! I normally have a theme to all of our costumes. However, I decided to let everyone choose their own.
I was excited to have the whole family dress up this year! In my 8 years of blissful marriage I have never got Brett to dress up! He surprised me this year and agreed to, almost volunteered to, dress up! I asked him why the change this year. He told me it was because I did not try to dress him up as something stupid! I think that this is really his secret desire, fantasy if we may (just one of many! ha ha).
Kaysia was a salsa dancer, I was her latin lover (it was all I had, just go with it!), Keelie was a flower child, and Kage wanted to be the Wild Child! If you have never gone to the Ute Stampede you may not know who he is. So he is the rodeo bullfighter (AKA Clown) that rides a motorcylce! If you know Kage it fits him!
Brett was a Rodeo Clown. And our Kylan was the cutest chick around!

So today Keelie was playing around with this clown wig and put it on Kylan! We thought that it provided a good Laugh! Not cute but a good laugh! I promise underneath all that hair is the cutest baby ever!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just A Little!!

Well just a little has changed since my last post. Most notably, the fact that I am no longer pregnant! Our beautiful baby girl arrived on July 12th. We could not have ask for a better baby! She gave us a scare at first and had to be put on a breathing monitor. She no longer needs it and is doing great! For all of you that have anxiously been awaiting the announcement of the name ( who am I kidding, you gave up on me 5 months ago when I had no new posts.) it is Kylan Kate! Brett wanted to have a child named Ky and her middle name came after my favorite roommate from college! The other kids have been great with her! Kage has really supprised me, so tender with her and can not give her enough kisses.

The start of a new school year has been a hard one for me. It means that I started a new job at the middle school. It has been great so far. However, the kids are SOOOOO different then those at the high school! I have never been hugged so much!
Kaysia started 1st grade and is loving it! She doesn't have any girls in her class that she knows but I am confident that she will make friends fast!

Keelie started kindergarten. She isn't a huge fan of school. She would much rather be home with her new puppy. However, she loves the kids and has a fantastic teacher Mrs. Hare.

( Yes, Brett got them a new puppy. Have I mentioned that I HATE puppies!!!)

Kage started at a new place for daycare. After a few miniutes of crying he decided that he loves it. The lady tends he and Ky from her home and it great!
The hardest part is leaving Ky. I know that she is being taken good care of but I hope she is being loves like the others have when they went.
Well that will have to be all for now! Maybe I will post again soon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, But 4!!!!!

So it has been awhile since my last post. A little over 4 months to be exact! My computer has been broken and we have been too cheap and busy to get a new one. ( Cheap is probly the biggest reason.)

I have decided that now that I am back in the game my first blog will be about #4. No I am not refering to Charles Barkley's number once he played for the Rockets. Not the number of months I have been out of the blog circuit or the number of pounds I have gained in the last day!

This will be about the exciting new addition to our family, #4! Yes, I am expecting another BABY GIRL in July. The kids are soooo excited to tell everyone about their new sister. KeKe asks everyday when the baby is going to be here. It makes me rather glad that I waited until I was 5 months along to tell them. (This could have been a really long pregnacy otherwise! It has already been a long 2 weeks!)

So since we went with the letter K for all three of our last names, I feel the need that this one should also start with the letter K. However, I am having a hard time coming up with a unique name. You know the kind that you don't know anyone with that name! Can I name to you the student names I will now Never name a child!!! I quess I am sending out the call for some help! If you know any please send them my way!

For now we are sooo excited! And enjoying the journey to #4! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not a Halloween Baby!

So two years ago I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of a BOY!!! However, I went in for a doctors visit after my due date! Yes AFTER! It was October 30th and the doctor asked if I was ready to have a baby, today! You know at that point what lady would say NO! Well I did! I was not going to have a Halloween baby! He then asked when. I decided that November 1st would be great! You know when you hear November 1st you don't think Halloween baby right?

So here we are two years later saying

It has definitely been a rough two years. ( Boys are so different then girls!) But we have enjoyed him very much! He survived his first year, I didn't think that would happen! And he has not stopped talking since we took the bink! Here is to hoping we make it through the next few years!
Kage enjoyed his party and loved all his tractors! He even suckered Koleton into taking him and his lady for a ride!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This was once what I would consider a pointless holiday! However, throw a few kids into the mix and it has a whole new meaning for me! It also provides me an opportunity to indulge in one of my secretly favorite quirks! (I love to dress up! All that know me may not have known that, but it is true!) We all decided to dress up as a superhero! We had such a fun time!

Kaysia was WONDER WOMAN!

Kage as Batman! (We had issues with him! He would not wear the full costume and would not pose for the camera!)

Keelie as SUPER GIRL!

We were ever so blessed this Halloween to have our friends, the Knights, come trick-or-treating with us! This was so fun! Something that we had not done before! Thanks Knight family!

Monday, October 6, 2008

It Rained, It poored, but nobody snored! (Except maybe you mom!)

All caution and common sense went out the window yesterday!

All summer long I have been complaining to Brett about the BIG pot holes in my drive way! (Yes for some of you city folk, they still make dirt roads and one of them leads to my house!) Needlless to say it now aproaching the wet season and I still have pot holes! It rained all day here on Saturday. Rain + pot holes = Big water puddles. Of course ,this is not the first time this has happened. I normally yell at the kids not to go near them. However, yesterday was different. I decided that I needed to teach the kids how to have some good ol' dirty fun!

I had the kids put on old cloths and snow boots and headed outside. The pictures tell the rest of the story!

Kage kept yelling "AWESOME"!

You know I think he was right, it was AWESOME!! Time well spent!